Thursday, 16 October 2014

Long time no speak!

My last blog post was over a month ago but I've been so busy that I've had no time at all to write one! 
The last four weeks at University have been so amazingly great but I've been constantly on the go working, studying or socialising - it's hectic! I thought it would be a good time to show you my room and give you a little update on how life is going so far as I've settled in and I have a spare couple of hours in between my seminars to actually write a post for once! 

The first two weeks here were freshers so we went out most nights and got to know people better over 1am pizza! We bonded pretty quickly as a flat (thanks Facebook chat before we got here!) and then met the flat above as someone in ours knew someone in the flat above before which means we have a big group of us which is really lovely. 

Some of G.3 and 1.3! 
Me, Lucy and Jack. 
Geek night! (cue me blinking...)
Me and my flatmate Alex at Zoo night!
I didn't think I would like going out to clubs but with this group, it's a lot of fun! The one thing I don't like is that I didn't listen to music I like for 2 weeks straight because it was all club and chart music!
We obviously aren't going out as much now freshers is over and work has started properly but it's still fun to go out once or twice a week to get away from the studying.

In the second week of freshers, we also started lectures which was really exciting - I'm loving all of my classes so far minus one which has a rather boring lecturer but it's mostly a lot of fun! My A levels are helping a lot as some of the material in 5th Century Athens is the same as my old course! I had to buy quite a few books for my course which got expensive as they were £20-£30 each! Luckily they will be helpful/interesting for me after this year so it wasn't a waste. Books from my A levels have also been useful/will be useful so I'm quite lucky in that aspect!

Most of my course books.
I love my flat and room - I have a 4 ft bed which is pretty much a double. Compared to my bed and room at home it's quite big which is great! I'm surprised at how clean I've kept my room so far as I'm usually a really messy person but I love how organised it looks and I want to keep it that way for as long as possible! 

I love my desk so much, it's huge and the chair is really comfy with my cushions!
My make up storage shelf.
I have far too many odds and ends on my desk.
Bed covers are from John Lewis - I love them so much!
Fun fact: it smells like marzipan in front of the shelves!
Cute Edward Monkton illustrations above my bed!
My wardrobe - most dresses, skirts and shirts are hung up,
everything else is in the boxes!
My roof tile bookends I took from the spoil heap at Silchester!
Cute anchor details on my towel in my ensuite.
I love these storage jars, so pretty!
I brought quite a lot of my stuff from home with me so it looks like it's messy on my desk but in reality, there's just quite a lot of stuff! It feels really homely and nice - it's just the right size so I can work and live in it at the same time!

I hope you enjoyed this update and tour of my room!
I have a couple of assessments due at the end of October so I don't know when I'll be able to post again in the next couple of weeks. 
Jess xx


  1. I love your room - so cute and homely! Glad you're enjoying your course :) xx

    1. Awh, thank you Rhiannon! I love it so far - I definitely chose well! xx

  2. Hi there Jess!!! I met Lauren in London and she said you were cool so I must check you out and since she posted your link, I thought I would!!! Which uni are you at in London? I went to City (oooh a long time ago!). Your room is really nice. It looks a better than the halls were at my uni, good wardrobe organisation etc. You have some really nice pieces in your room! I adore Ed Monkton, he's so fun but so philosophical at the same time! Your duvet is also really nice!

    Your course sounds really interesting. Man, I'd have loved to study history, I loved it for A'level!

    Anyway, twas really nice to meet you, hope all is well!

    Kezzie x

    1. Hi! Ahh, thank you! I'm at Reading University so a little way from London!
      Thank you - the halls I'm in are really lovely! He's brilliant - the little poems always make me smile!
      It's really great - it's always been my favourite subject! x