Friday, 5 July 2013

The Dress

I was browsing twitter a few months or so ago and I stumbled upon a link to a website called Polka dot polly. I had a browse through and I instantly fell in love.
It's a Mother/Daughter company based in the UK who make custom made 50s style dresses, skirts and now blouses in a wide variety of styles and fabrics. They're absolutely amazing and when I found the website, I found myself searching through for potential patterns and styles of dress. After pestering mum to have a look at the website, we eventually found a pattern and style that we both liked and bought it!
It took about 3 weeks to get here and by that time I was revising for my exams so it was such a nice mid-exam present to arrive!
The dress is such a good quality and is made amazingly well, and considering the dresses are custom made, they are a really good price!!!
I've worn it a few times now but because of lovely typical British weather, I haven't been able to as much as I would like. It's so comfortable, and the length (I got the skirt to be 23", the shortest length) is perfect at just above the knee. I also chose a full circle skirt which is super cute.
Picture from the Polkadotpolly facebook page - how gorgeous is this?! I love it so much!

I've been wanting a swing dress for so long and now I actually have one, it's so perfect and better than I imagined! I'm in love with it because it's so amazing an I'm definitely going to save up and buy another at some point in the future!
Jess xx

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