Friday, 26 July 2013

Raspberry fields!

Me, my brother and my Mum went Strawberry picking today! We intended to anyway. When we got to the field, most of the strawberries had gone so we went searching to see if there were any more somewhere else and we stumbled across rows and rows of raspberries instead!
It was warm but cloudy for the most part which was so nice because it meant I could enjoy myself without feeling like I was going to melt into a puddle! Trying to avoid bees and spiders was also fun...especially for everyone else - they got to laugh at me when I felt something on my leg/arm/wherever else and slapped it while shouting/screaming...gotta love hating bugs, right?
We ended up picking about half a basket of raspberries then we also bought some already picked strawberries at the counter so the trip wasn't a waste (in strawberry terms anyway...)! I think mum is going to turn them into Strawberry ice cream which is awesome! Don't know what will happen with the raspberries though...all I know is that they taste really good!

So many raspberries!

Lots and lots of raspberries, yum! 

We found a row with loads just the first bit!!! 
Fruit picking is so much fun to do with the family in summer, and it's better for the local people! Try it out, you'll enjoy yourself!
Jess xx

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