Friday, 28 August 2015

Portugal travels!

Last week I went straight from work to Gatwick airport and hopped on plane to Faro in Portugal! 
The boyfriend has a house out near Burgau and I was invited to stay with him and his family! As I've already taken a lot of time out with my Athens trip and my dig at Pewsey, I only went out from Saturday to Tuesday. 
Despite it only being a short trip, I got to explore quite a few different places which was great as I've never been to Portugal before! We ended up going to Sagres, Burgau, Lagos and quite a few beaches between!
I got to see a Medieval fort, a Roman fort, small villages and towns which gave me a great whistle stop tour of the country and I'm very grateful for being invited to go out there!
I love travelling so being able to tick off another place that I've seen is great!

There were a few people parachute gliding off the top of the cliffs!
I would love to try it one day!

A strange fog that covered both ends of the beach on the West Coast!
The slate cliffs were incredible!
The view from the Roman fort near Joe's house.
Sunset on the beach near Joe's.
The flora in Portugal is incredible - fennel, olives, almonds and figs
 were growing in abundance all along the roads!
The beach 10 minutes walk from Joe's house! 
The water had some strange greenish foam in it...
It's really satisfying to watch the sea come in and make half of your legs disappear! 
I didn't get a lot of photos of the food but everything there was so nice and I wish I got to try more! 

Apparently  I can't go anywhere without having some form of pastry!
The best chocolate croissant that I've had.
Seriously yummy chorizo, ham and bacon pizza and my favourite cider I only had in Athens!
I was rather excited when I found it again in the shops!
I'll end with a couple photos of me and Joe! 

Sorry about the photo spam, I can't really do the place justice with words, it was amazing and gorgeous! 
It was such an amazing trip and I will aim to go there again to explore further! 
Jess xx

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