Wednesday, 17 April 2013

20 days

It's been 20 days since I last truly has taken over my life. After Easter, I've basically been working the entire time. I went on a biology revision course for one week in Easter which surprisingly turned out to be quite fun! The people there were great and I ended up learning a lot of stuff that I didn't really understand before! Hopefully it rubs off properly and I can remember it all in my exams!
I have literally been eating, sleeping and working 9am-11pm every day so I'm shattered. I've had at the most, 8 hours sleep each night since about Christmas so it's really starting to catch up now and it's not nice, I can tell you that!
On a brighter note, I got a timed Ancient history essay that I wrote before Easter back this week, I got 23/25 which is an A so I'm super happy! Hopefully I can do that in the exam!
I also went to see The Host last weekend which was just amazing. Me and my friend kept laughing through it though because some parts were rather cliché and hilarious so that was pretty fun!
My life is so so boring now it's unreal. Nothing exciting is happening until the end of the year really which sucks! We had to do our 2nd year enrolment forms this week too so I finally got to say I'm dropping biology! This also means that I don't have to take it after half term so I finish biology after my last exam on 3rd June so I'm really happy about that!
I finished my extended project and have handed it all in now so I'm REALLY excited to find out what grade I got! My teacher predicted me an A so if I got that or an A*, I would be so happy! It would really make me feel proud because I've worked hard on it, and it would be nice to actually get an A* for a subject overall!
Anyway, I don't have time to write long blog post so I shall post again some time soon I hope!
Jess xx


  1. Agh, you get to drop a subject after half term?! We have to wait until September :(

    1. Yeah! We start A2 work straight after the exams! :) awwh, that sucks! :(

    2. So do we but we have to continue all four until results day which means I'm stuck with English lit until then :(

    3. I suppose if you do badly in one of the others and need to take English next year you can because you're not missing anything? :3

    4. Urgh, I guess so but still, it's a bummmmer! I'm also looking forward this vent post :D

  2. I know! I would die if I had to do more biology! Yeah, it'll be interesting!!! ;P